Is a gender role-free environment for the research and development of ideas in mutual assistance. In response to an open call, participants are invited to elaborate over a subject with the objective to have a working prototype at the end of 2 weeks with an initial commitment of 4 hours daily. During this period time, resources, intellectual and emotional restrictions will shape the possibilities of the exercise. Is an experimental methodology where creativity meets intuition to create and transmit knowledge based on a critical understanding of meaningful information.

Each participant should submit a writing idea, describing the type of process they would like to develop and how technology could help them achieve the desired effect of their project. It is important to know the skill level they have in terms of programming and electronics and to emphasize that it is not necessary to be an expert to participate in this workshop.

The workshop process must be registered by each of the participants from a personal blog.After this time and using the resources constrain participants will have a finished prototype they will need to present on a public exhibition.

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