Ontological Machines is first a framework for the experimental artist, philosopher, scientist, human, organism or force to explore the entanglement of material experiences that conform as unity the complex expressions of reality, therefore a prototype and unfinished interface which existence is a temporal possibility of agency. As a performer the framework is able to serve as transparent container for the subjective materialism of forces and organism and their becoming to patterns and thus the meaning of those patterns. One part technological implementation, one part philosophical search, the final destination of this system is to serve as an expansive prosthesis of the sensorial human experience. His electromagnetic nature enables a direct communication with the elastic brain and his ability to develop new sensorial relations with the world. The dialectical nature of this systems stands for a compressive approach to the pedagogy of knowledge, where the self is the one that leads the exploration to fulfill the need to learn, and where learning is a network of experience gather on a multilevel axis of time and experiences. Ontological Machines are designed to create some of those experiences and by so to create collective questions, turning individual search in to collective subjects. A extension of the self, but before a tool that enables the self to be aware of a need to be extended on the other, to take into account the visions, the senses and presence of the others.


One of our core strategies relies in the design of public workshops, where we share our Open Source developments, a decentralize space in where we present our work to serve the purposes of other artist-researchers. This sharing process enables the creation of a community of user/researcher that can help to explore into deeper areas using the same tools using similar languages. Our workshops have being presented around different countries such as Mexico, Germany, Holland, Brazil, Chile, Ecuador, USA, Canada, with a database of more that 300 artist/researchers. We have also collectively designed academic programs like B10S and the MusicMakers Hacklab. Our methodology works as a process in which we get involved with the specific research subject we want to work with and after a period of in-depth documentation we start designing approximations from the physical computing point of view. The idea is always to look different ways to interface complex phenomena in to more accessible transductions for perception. We refer to our prototypes as Ontological Machines.


In the quest to know more how reality is been shaped, we consider the relation observer and observed share as part of the same phenomenon; a unique entity in constant indetermination in which the moment of conscious observation entangle us opening one of all the infinite possibilities that weaves in front of our eyes. In this sense, to choose working from the material agency of other organisms is to illustrate and encourage these dialectic relations with sound as a transducer bridge beyond language allowing us to experiment the difference in the otherness through our own body.