Multispecies nomad collective and independent artistic research bureau founded in Mexico City in 2013. Our current lines of research are focused on the use of sound and Artificial Intelligence to understand the bioelectrical and chemical signals of different living organisms and its geometrical patterns as a nonhuman form of communication. For this purpose we’ve developed a collection of experimental research and educational tools we call Ontological Machines. Our work is deeply shaped by the Latin American context where precarity enables new forms of creativity and ancient technologies meet cutting edge forms of production. We think about this as a methodology for creation, where one is always looking for the most suitable way to produce in terms of social inclusion, cross-disciplinary practices and open knowledge.

Our work has been supported by International Cities for Advanced Sound, Laboratorio Arte Alameda, Telefonica Foundation, Bancomer BBVA Foundation, Alumnos47 Foundation and The National Fund for Culture and the Arts in México. Bauhaus-Universität Weimar and Universitat der Kunste Berlin in Germany. Museum of Modern art in Medellin, Platohedro and Explora in Colombia. National Council for Culture and the Arts and Museum of Contemporary art in Chile and shown at FACT Liverpool, European Congress for Artificial Intelligence in York, Spektrum, Acud Macht Neu, CTM Festival, and CLB in Berlin, ICAS Festival in Dresden, TJINCHINA in Tijuana, Casa del Lago, Centro Cultural de España, INDEX at the University Museum of Contemporary Art, Tamayo Museum and Mutek_ MX in Mexico. Awarded by the Waag Society Amsterdam in its last edition of HacktheBrain.

Members: Emmanuel Anguiano, Leslie García, Paloma López, Felipe Rebolledo,

Colaborators: Thiago Hersan, Carles Tardío Pi, Mariana Perez Bobadilla, Fernan Federici.


Research work:

  • 2015 – 2016 Artistic research. Media Environments department, Bauhaus University. Weimar, DE
  • 2015 – 2016 Artistic research. B10S program. Alumnos47 Foundation. CDMX, MX
  • 2017 – 2018 Artistic research. Material Index program. Tamayo Museum CDMX, MX


  • 2014 – ECAS  (European Cities of Advance Sound) network. Research grant. Energy Bending Lab project. BE, NL, NO
  • 2015 – Bancomer Foundation. Art Fund. CDMX, MX
  • 2015 – Second price. Hack the Brain congress. Waag Society. Amsterdam, NL
  • 2016 – Commissioned artist at Proyecto Líquido, Alumnos47 Foundation. MX
  • 2017 – Residencias Narrativas Digitales en Tiempo Real. MediaLab Prado. Madrid España.
  • 2017 – Scholarship. Young Creators Program. National Fund for Culture and the Arts. MX
  • 2018 – Cala Alliance Artist in Residency,  Interspecifics. Phoenix Arizona
  • 2019 – DAAD artist in residency.  Interspecifics. Berlín, Germany
  • 2021 – Seti x AI Residency at Ars Electronica.  USA, Germany
  • 2022 – Edgar-Varesé guest professorship Technical University Berlin Germany.

Exhibitions, live acts and workshops:


  • May: Virtual Act ”Aire V.2“ at AMRO 2020. Linz Austria
  • Now: Recurrent Morphing Radio at The Disappearance of Music at HKW Berlin Germany


  • Mar: Memory has a spherical shape, an olfactory piece commissioned by the Perfume Museum, Mexico City
  • Jul: Art Seminar “Campo Abierto” Museum of Contemporary Art, Santiago de Chile
  • Sep: Contaminant sensorialization laboratory, Exploratorio, Medellin Colombia
  • Oct: Speculative Communications Concert, New Music Festival, Vancouver Canada
  • Oct: Possible futures, presentation Speculative Communications TEC campus Toluca.
  • Nov: Ontological Machines, exhibition in Daad Gallery, Berlin Germany.
  • Dic: Interspecific’s Concert, Heroins of sound, Berlin Germany


  • Feb: AKI AORA residence with the Species Resilience project. Tulum Quintana Roo, Mexico
  • Feb: Sintonía del Río at the Cérillos National Center for Contemporary Art. Santiago de Chile
  • Mar: Cala Alliance residence at Arizona State University Art Museum. Phoenix Arizona
  • Abr: Commission and show of the piece Terrestrial Ensemble. Ex Teresa Actual Art. Mexico City
  • Jun: Official selection of the Les Bains numériques Festival, Les Bains, France.
  • Jun: AIR multichannel piece in the sound space of the MUAC. Mexico City
  • Aug: Live Act Speculative Communications Mutek. Montreal Canada
  • Aug: Collective show “Sinapis” Ministerio de las Culturas, las Artes y el Patrimonio en Valparaíso, Chile
  • Sep: Publication EP Speculative Communications
  • Sep: Workshop Speculative Communications at Centro de ciencias de la complejidad, UNAM Mexico
  • Oct: Collective show “Constelaciones de la audio máquina” Museo Morelense de Arte Contemporáneo Juan Soriano
  • Oct: Live Act Speculative Communications at  Festival Revueltas, Durango México
  • Nov: Live Act Speculative Communications Mutek Mexico
  • Nov: Publication EP Speculative Communications 80x


  • Jan: Cassette release. Non-identified Male Artist. Hyle Tapes. Paris, FR
  • Mar:  Workshop. GOSH open hardware meeting. Catholic University. Santiago, CL
  • Apr: Workshop. Biological data sonification. Tsonami Festival. Valparaiso, CL
  • Apr: Residency. Sonic Crossroads. Museum of Contemporary Art. Santiago, CL
  • Apr: Exhibition and performance. Sonic Crossroads. Museum of Contemporary Art. Santiago, CL
  • Jul: Residency. Digital Narratives in Real Time. MediaLab Prado. Madrid, ES
  • Aug: Residency. Sintonía del Rio. National Council for Culture and the Arts. Valdivia, CL
  • Nov: Exhibition. Sintonía del Rio. Museum of Contemporary Art, Valdivia, CL


  • Feb: Performance. Non-Human Rhythms. Inoculum Berlin. Bauhaus University. Berlin, DE
  • Feb: Talk. Unheard. Transmediale. Berlin, DE
  • Feb: Workshop. Non-Human Rhythms. Today’s Arts Festival. The Hague, NL
  • Abr: Live Act. LogarDecay. Umbral 21, CDMX, MX
  • May: Exhibition. EnterState Sensing the Natural World. Washington. US
  • May: Exhibition. Abstract State. Ex-convento del Carmen. Guadalajara, MX.
  • Jun: Exhibition. Reality is boring. Platoon. CDMX, MX.
  • Jun: Workshop. Non-Human Rhythms. Tamayo Museum. CDMX, MX.
  • Jun: Live Act. Topologies of desire. University Museum of Contemporary Art. Proyecto Líquido. CDMX, MX.
  • Jul: Live Act. Topologies of desire. EspacioX CCE. Proyecto Líquido. CDMX, MX.
  • Jul: Workshop. Non-Human Rhythms. Pifcamp. Soca, Sl
  • Aug: Cassette release. Flux. Hyle Tapes. Paris, FR
  • Aug: Live Act. Non-Human Rhythms. Spektrum. Berlin, DE
  • Sep: Residency. Museum of Modern art in Medellin. Medellin, CO
  • Sep: Exhibition. Micro-rhythms. Museum of Modern art in Medellin. Medellin, CO
  • Oct: Facilitators. MusicMakers Hacklab. Laboratorio Arte Alameda. CDMX, MX
  • Oct: Performance: Space Data and Noise. Mutek_MX. CDMX, MX
  • Nov: Exhibition: AIR. Espacio sonoro Casa del Lago. CDMX, MX
  • Nov: Exhibition. Youniverse. Apexart. New York, US


  • Jan: Facilitators. Music Makers Hacklab. CTM Festival. Berlin, DE
  • Feb: Performance. Action Potential. CTM Festival. Berlin, DE
  • Feb: Facilitators. MusicMakers Hacklab. Laboratorio Arte Alameda. CDMX, MX
  • Mar: Facilitators. B10s 1. Alumnos47 Foundation. CDMX, MX
  • May: Performance. Energy Bending Lab. ICAS FESTIVAL. Dresden DE
  • Jun:  Exhibition. DIMENSIONS. Hack the Brain. Waag Society. Amsterdam, NL
  • Jun: Facilitators. B10s Sensory substitution. Alumnos47 Foundation. CDMX, MX
  • Jul:  Workshop. ICAD Auditory Display. Graz, AU
  • Jul:  Workshop. ECAD Artificial Intelligence. York. UK
  • Jul:  Talk. FACT Liverpool. Liverpool, UK
  • Aug: Workshop. Sensory substitution UDK Berlin. Berlin, DE
  • Sep: Workshop. Non-Human Rhythms. Today’s Arts Festival. The Hague, NL
  • Sep: Workshop. Pulsu(m) Plantae. Washington College. US
  • Oct: Live act. Dorkbot San Diego. California, US
  • Oct: Workshop. Biosonification. UCSB Santa Barbara. California, US
  • Nov: Exhibition. GFP SCREEN. Guadalajara International Book Fair. Guadalajara MX
  • Dic: Workshop. Non-human rhythms. Novas Frecuencias Festival, Rio de Janeiro, BR
  • Dic: Live Act. Non-human rhythms. Novas Frecuencias Festival, Rio de Janeiro, BR
  • Dic: Live Act. Sinaloa Botanical Garden. Sinaloa, MX
  • Dic: Workshop. B10s Action Potential. Alumnos47. CDMX, MX
  • Dic: Workshop. Action Potential.  Center for Digital Culture. CDMX, MX


  • Feb: Workshop. Bio-sensors. Center for Digital Culture. CDMX, MX
  • Mar: Residency.  Sensory Laboratory. Guadalajara, MX
  • Mar: Live act. Bio-Box. Sensory Laboratory. Guadalajara, MX
  • Mar: Workshop. CityListeners. Mextrópoli Festival. CDMX, MX
  • April: Live act. CityListeners. OP-RA. Ex Teresa Arte Actual. CDMX, MX
  • May: Exhibition. Pulsum Plantae. Sight & Sound Festival. Montreal, CA
  • May: Live act. Pulsum Plantae. Sight & Sound Festival. Montreal, CA
  • Jun: Facilitators. Music Makers Hacklab Tijuana. Tijuana, MX.
  • Jul: Residency. Energy Bending Lab. Cymatics. Bruselas, BE
  • Aug: Residency. Energy Bending Lab. TodaysArts, The Hague, NL
  • Aug: Residency. Energy Bending Lab. Imsomia Festival, Tromso, NO
  • Sep: Live act. New Music Festival, Vancouver, CA
  • Oct: Residency. Action Potential. Neuro stetics research. Palacio de Bellas Artes. CDMX, MX